Future Gamecock Clowney confirms being frisked in Five Points, Spurrier "arrested" at practice

Photo Credit: Twitter

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The nation's top college football recruit, and future Gamecock, Jadeveon Clowney was searched by police in Five Points early Friday morning.

Head football coach Steve Spurrier confirmed Columbia police officers stopped Clowney outside Pavlov's, a Five Points bar. Clowney said he was searched and had nothing on him, and that officers told him they had the wrong person. Spurrier says it was a case of mistaken identity, and that Clowney did nothing wrong.

Columbia officials say officers were called to Five Points early Friday morning for a report of an armed robbery. One of the suspect's description matched that of Clowney's which is why police searched him.

Officers made multiple arrests during their call for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, drukenness and hindering an investigation. Click here to read the police report.

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Witnesses tweeted several pictures early Friday showing Clowney in Columbia, and then later posted that he was being searched.

Video was also uploaded to YouTube showing Clowney after the search with crowds cheering for him.

South Pointe High School in Rock Hill had a furlough day so Clowney, along with the rest of the students, are out of school Friday.

Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott was at football practice Friday, "arresting" Spurrier for mistaken identity. Scott put handcuffs on the head ball coach and began to take him away. Scott then uncuffed Spurrier and the coach returned to the media briefing. Spurrier said he wanted to show that anyone can be the victim of mistaken identity, and that it's not embarrassing to be handcuffed, especially when no crime occurs.

Spurrier said he wished Clowney hadn't been in the bar in the first place, and told the player he hopes he stays away from the area in the future.

Chief Scott did confirm his department met with one of the owners of Pavlov's to express concerns about underage patrons being in the bar. Chief Scott says the doorman who let Clowney into Pavlov's has been fired.

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