Gamecocks get ESPN GameDay fever

Freshman, Lander Hiott waited 5 hours in line to get front row to the ESPN College GameDay show action.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Hundreds of University of South Carolina Gamecocks fans headed to the Horseshoe on campus Saturday morning to participate in ESPN College GameDay show.

The show on the sports cable network has been called the best college pregame show in the nation.

Fans flocked to the production stage, screaming school spirit chants and showcasing their handmade signs hoping to have them aired on live television.

Signs saying, "Beat Bama" and "Lattimore taught me how to Dougie" lined the partition holding the crowd back.

Some students didn't put too much thought into their sign.

J.P. Fischer never wrote on his poster.

"Finding the blank sign and putting the sticker on there is pretty cool. Trying to compete with other people getting the signs up on television," said Fischer.

Many students spent the night at the GameDay location in order to get up front and close to the action.

Lander Hiott, a freshman from Pickens spent five hours waiting in line.

"I got in line to come to GameDay at 2 o'clock in the morning. So that was the majority of my night," said Hiott.

Hiott didn't mind waiting for a chance of a lifetime.

"This is something that I watch every day on Saturday morning TV, but it's something that you don't usually get to see so it's an honor to get to see it," said Hiott.

The ESPN College GameDay crew includes Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and Erin Andrews.

Despite the roaring crowd, GameDay talent never missed a beat.

Andrews comments on the fans support saying, "I think the guys were very, very excited about the turnout this morning. You know we start and hour earlier and to have them here bright and early at nine, that was great and it was a beautiful setting on campus. We appreciate South Carolina putting us here so it was a great turnout this morning," said Andrews.