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      Local picks from Rounds 4-7 in 2013 NFL Draft

      Latest local draft picks from the 2013 NFL Draft.

      COLUMBIA (WACH)- Local picks from Rounds 4-7 in the 2013 NFL Draft.

      Round 4:

      4th pick (Jacksonville)- Ace Sanders (WR) South Carolina

      30th pick (Atlanta)- Malliciah Goodman (DE) Clemson

      34th pick (San Francisco)- Marcus Lattimore (RB) South Carolina

      35th pick (Detroit)- Devin Taylor (DE) South Carolina

      Round 5:

      10th pick (Buffalo)- Jonathan Meeks (S) Clemson

      Round 6:

      17th pick (Dallas)- DeVonte Holloman (OLB) South Carolina

      19th pick (Arizona)- Andre Ellington (RB) Clemson

      Round 7:

      45th pick (Cincinnati)- T.J. Johnson (C) South Carolina

      48th pick (Indianapolis)- Justice Cunningham (TE) South Carolina