Martin: It's time I work on my own maturity

Frank Martin to hold press conference regarding suspension

COLUMBIA (WACH) - University of South Carolinaâ??s head menâ??s basketball coach Frank Martin apologized to his players, the university and its fans Friday afternoon.

"I have a duty to represent this university. I can help young people become men without being overly aggressive have to manage that," said Martin

Martin was suspended from the Gamecocks season finale after a sideline rant directed at guard Duane Notice during a time-out in Tuesday night's game with Florida.

Martin can be seen on camera uttering expletives at the freshman.

"I don't let my players swear. I can't do anything but apologize, I called Ray Tanner the next morning to apologize," adds Martin.

Athletics director Ray Tanner announced the suspension Thursday afternoon. Martin will not accompany the team to Starkville.

"The one-game suspension is a result of inappropriate verbal communication as it relates to the well-being of our student-athletes," said Tanner.

"I was uncomfortable as soon as the game was over. I don't forget things," said Martin.

Martin says he's "extremely disappointed by ignorant actions that have affected our team in a negative way."

The head coach says he's planning to give up swearing and knows "it's gonna be hard to not go to Starkville with his team".

"I wasn't put on this planet to criticize others. I've talked a lot about maturity this year and it's time I work on my own maturity," said Martin.

Associate head coach Matt Figger will serve as acting head coach when the Gamecocks (11-19, 4-13 SEC) take on the Bulldogs (13-17, 3-14 SEC) in the regular season finale on Saturday.ã??