Midlands residents discuss World Cup games

Soccer fans/Midlands residents discuss the World Cup games.

The excitement surrounding the World Cup games is really pouring over for some fans. But some folks say they're not getting so much of a kick out of the games.

So we hit the streets to find out if this really is a Soccer Celebration Day. Here's what some of your neighbors had to say.

"I'm here to support my country," said Midlands resident Mike Dillon. "They are playing in the biggest tournament. It only happens every four years so I'm here to support them."

"It's a team game," said Midlands resident Matti Rottstock. "People play together, it's an effort."

"We as the United States of America are playing our game and I think it's great," said Midlands resident Martha Depass.

"Represent our country, we want the World Cup baby," said Midlands resident Rickie Stephens.

"It's a big soccer day for the U.S," said Midlands resident Bruce Moran. "I would probably watch more of it, if they didn't blow those darn horns. Those things drive me crazy."

Whether they're a soccer fanatic or a so-so soccer fan, they all agree playing on the international stage is reason enough to celebrate.