Old school chats with new school

After talking with Conner I couldn`t believe have sincere and humble he is. The guy is a rockstar in Gamecock country and doesn`t let that cloud his judgement. I wish him all the best!

I am a huge sports fan. I always have been. I love going to sporting events, and watching my teams play on t.v. As I sit here in the SkyWACH Weather Center typing this I`m watching my hometown Memphis Grizzlies work to close out series with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Working in television I have had the chance to meet some incredible people and experience some incredible things. But what I experienced today is something I will never forget!

Corey Miller has been working on stories with football players preparing for next weekâ??s NFL draft. Today Conner Shaw came to WACH Fox to be interviewed by Corey. For a guy that is loved by all Gamecock fans, and is about to be drafted into the NFL I could not believe how humble he was.

Sitting there with Corey Miller, Conner and Corey began to chat in detail about the transition from college to the NFL and all the emotions that go with it. Corey told Conner how he felt the day he received the phone call from Bill Parcells when he was head coach of the New York Giants. Corey talked about how he felt walking into the Giants locker room for the first time, but understanding that despite all the players he grew up watching and idolizing he had to stay focused and get down to business if he wanted to wear a Giants jersey on Sunday`s.

Watching to former Gamecocks, one who has played in the NFL and one who is preparing to be drafted into the NFL was incredible to watch. It was old school talking with new school!