Spurrier: Lattimore out for season with torn knee ligament

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COLUMBIA (WACH, AP) -- It TMs a play frozen in the minds of Gamecock fans.

A Mississippi State defender rolling into running back Marcus Lattimore's left knee.

Coach Steve Spurrier confirming that Lattimore is out for the season due to ligament damage in that knee.

University of South Carolina TMs team Dr. Jeffrey Guy says not all knee injuries are the same.

Dr. Guy speaking to WACH Fox News about different types of knee injuries because he can't go into detail about Lattimore's health care.

Ligaments that are inside your knee like the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) those are ones that can happen traumatically and or non-traumatically, says Dr. Jeffrey Guy.

Doctor Guy says multiple ligament tears are the ones that could sideline a player for a long time.

Usually the ones that take longer to get back and sometimes they are not able to go back to sports, says Dr. Guy.

Spurrier says Lattimore will undergo surgery in a few weeks but expects him back for the 2012 season.

The sophomore accounting for more than a third of the teams' offensive output this season.

Many Gamecock fans concerned for Lattimore.

I will give you my left knee Marcus. You can have mine. But I TMll just tell him to hang in there and try to hit rehab hard and be ready for next year, says Adonios Papanikolau, USC student.

Hang in there and be ready for next year cause we are going to need him, says Chris Hanna, USC student.

Doctor guy says only time can heal these wounds.

At six weeks they are walking fairly well. At three months we will let them run straight ahead. They get back in the weight room between six to three months, says Dr. Guy.

Lattimore left the field Saturday on crutches with his mother by his side.

Doctors say athletes who suffer this type of knee damage can return to the gym in a few months time.

A rehab assignment that will be watched closely by all Gamecock fans

Lattimore had been the Southeastern Conference's top rusher most of the season until he was overtaken by Alabama's Trent Richardson. Lattimore had 39 yards in South Carolina's win.

The 14th-ranked Gamecocks (6-1, 4-1 SEC) don't play again until Oct. 29 at Tennessee.

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