USC students grade Super Bowl commercials

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Super Bowl XLV may be over, but the conversations about the $3 million commercials are rolling in.

About 60 University of South Carolina journalism students rated the commercials, not for fun, but for a class assignment.

The grading party is part of a Super Bowl advertising class held each spring at USC.

The student TMs rate the commercials based on three elements: persuasiveness, brand identity and likeability.

They use a blue clicker to register their ratings and after the game the class discusses the power of the high dollar ads.

"The Audi ad in the first quarter is a really good ad. It was one of the ones that you really didn TMt know where it was going to go," says Alex Stroman, Senior USC.

Thanks to DVR the students were able to pause the commercials, grade them and fast forward to live television to watch the game.

Students voted the Volkswagen Passat Darth Vader commercial the best giving it the Cocky Award in the eighth annual poll.

What do you think was the best Super Bowl ad? Watch the Super Bowl ads here and vote in our poll below and leave a comment to tell us why you voted the way you did.