West Columbia brother and sister make US National Junior Karate Team

James and Tamayah Sorrells hope to compete at the German Open in Germany September 22nd.

West Columbia (WACH)- Karate is defined as a Japanese art of self-defense. At the Columbia School of Karatedo in West Columbia, you'll find that along with self-discipline and respect.

Owner and head coach of CSK Pam Sorrells took the school over in February 2011 and has taken students to new heights. Two of them are her own children.

"James and Tamayah have come a long way," Sorrells said. "Training hard and working hard everyday and putting time in at the dojo has gotten them to where they are now."

At the 2012 USA Karate Nationals earlier this July, James and Tamayah brought home bronze medals in the 18-20 age Elite Kumite (sparring) class. Their accomplishments landed them a spot on the US National Junior Karate Team.

"I am honored to be on the junior national team," Tamayah said. "We still have a lot of work to do though. The main thing is not so much that we made the team, but how much more work we have to do to get better next year."

The work paying dividends for the brother and sister.

"Coming in here really early and lifting weights wasn't a waste of time," James said. "All the blood, sweat and tears we put through it together by ourselves is not a wasted effort."

The Sorrells' have instilled it in the school to never quit, and success will eventually come.

"One big lesson I've learned was to not give up," Tamayah said. "It took me a long time to finally get my black belt and start competing and doing well, and I'm still trying to do well at that. The main part is to continue working hard and not give up."

The Sorrell's hope to compete in the German Open in Germany September 22nd, but it will depend on whether they raise enough money to expense their trip. To help, you can visit their website here.