West Columbia Tigers: Shaping the Next Generation

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The West Columbia Tigers are all about grown and improvement.

The organization has been around for over a decade and is holding camps throughout the summer to help young men learn fundamental life skills such as communication and leadership through sports.

The Tigers have added an array of sports since the Tigers' inception. From basketball and football to baseball to partnering with "Mats to Men" for a boys wrestling camp.

"Everybody's different," said Tigers Founder/President Darrell Hutto. "Everybody's different and everybody has different talents."

While those involved feel the variety of sports is important, the Tigers also put an emphasis on academic growth.

"In the training camp, they're gonna be working on stuff they're having a hard time with during the school year," said Tigers' Operational Manager Michelle Poindexter. "By the time they go back to school, they'll be more at ease with all the school work they had trouble with the year before."

Karl Wilkes, Junior NBA camp administrator, said, "One of my dearest friends was Rosa Parks. She said, 'the gift that you have is your life. So, if we can teach them how to make a difference with their life, then they can go on to be success stories no matter where they came from."

Team mom and assistant secretary Stephanie Glover has seen the impact of the Tigers' programs on her son.

"He actually was able to make it to the national top 2 percent for all A's amongst children in the nation to Philadelphia to receive an award," Glover said.

The West Columbia Tigers have added excitement to the local community and Hutto says he hopes to see the Tigers continue for many years to come.

"I would like to see this program until some of my younger kids... there's Tristan that's 5 and one day he could be standing here as President of this thing, 20-30 years from now," he said.

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