Witnesses: Future Gamecock Clowney frisked in Five Points

Photo Credit: Twitter

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Witness reports from early Friday morning say the number one college football recruit in the nation and future Gamecock Jadeveon Clowney was searched by police in Five Points overnight.

Columbia Police spokesman Brick Lewis says he hasn't seen any official reports identifying the person in the cell phone pictures that were put out on Twitter. However, he says he knows of an incident that could be related where police were called to a report of a person with a gun matching Clowney's description. Lewis says he wasn't aware of the name of the person who was searched or if a gun was found.

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Witnesses tweeted several pictures showing Clowney in Columbia, then later saying he was being searched in the parking lot of a restaurant by officials and accompanied the reports with photos.

South Pointe High in Rock Hill had a furlough day so Clowney, along with the rest of the students, are out of school Friday.

Authorities say more information will be released concerning the search later Friday, but it's unclear of the potential details and whether Clowney's name will be involved.

The football team is practicing Friday at 4 p.m. Keep checking back to WACH Fox and for the very latest on this developing story.