Botched onside kick touchdown from Sonic FNR receiving national attention

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COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - This week's Sonic Friday Night Rivals' matchup between Fox Creek and Keenan came down to the wire and features many crazy plays.

One of those plays has garnered national attention.

After Fox Creek scored on an 89-yard touchdown run, they tried to maintain that momentum with a sneaky onside-kick.

However, the team's kicker barely made contact and the ball traveled less than a yard. Fox Creek thought the play was dead, but an alert Keenan player, Deshon Thomas, picked up the ball and ran it in for the score.

The play has been featured on MaxPreps and is still getting attention across the country.

You can watch the whole game, and all this season's games in our Sonic Friday Night Rivals archive.

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Be sure to tune in to ASN 57.2 each Friday at 7:30 as we wrap up this season of Sonic Friday Night Rivals with some exciting match ups.

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