Houston named March of Greatness recipient

Week 11's Marine Corps March of Greatness recipient is Camden High School's Amearia Houston

Throughout this Friday Night Rivals season, The Marines will recognize an exceptional student member of the home team’s band with challenge coin prior to each game.

One of Marine Corps' many traditions, dating back to World War One, is the carrying of the challenge coin. Coins are often presented by high-ranking officers for a job well done, which is a great honor.

This week’s Friday Night Rivals Marine Corps March of Greatness Award goes to Camden High School's Amearia Houston.

Houston is the Drum Major of the Bulldog Regiment Marching Band in which she has participated in for 4 years. She plays both the flute and saxophone. Houston has received the highest rating at numerous individual performance competitions.

In addition to her work in marching band, Houston also volunteers at the local Animal Shelter.

She plans to attend Western Carolina University or University of North Carolina to major in Biology.

Congratulations Amearia!

To request information about the Marine’s Music program or other opportunities, visit

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