Game to WACH preview: Spring Valley vs. South Aiken

Spring Valley (4-0) host South Aiken Friday night in our Game to WACH.

COLUMBIA (WACH)- For the third straight year, Spring Valley is off to a fast start. This year, they hope it lasts a full season.

The Vikings (4-0) host South Aiken on Friday, still two weeks away from region play. Head coach Miles Alridge likes how his team has performed so far, and says it's a testament to the dedication players have put forth.

"It started back in the offseason," Alridge said. "I don't let off of them and I think they understand what we're trying to achieve."

Hopefully it will be a state championship. It's been 25 years since Spring Valley won a title, but that's not the focus at this point for Alridge.

"I'm worried about Friday night," Alridge said. "I'm worried about the games we have and trying to win the region. If we take care of our business, we'll end up where we're supposed to be."

The Vikings defense is led by All-American Christian Miller. Through four games, Spring Valley is allowing 12 points per game.

"The big thing with the defense is that they get smarter and continue to improve," Alridge said. "The way offenses are run today, they can put up points easily if you're asleep mentally."

The Vikings look to go 5-0 for the second-straight season when they take on the Thoroughbreds at Harry Parone Stadium. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.