Wildcat overcomes odds by tackling diabetes

Lexington High School sophomore Slade Carroll is a three-sport athlete with Type One Diabetes.

LEXINGTON (WACH)- He's the perfect teammate. He leaves everything he has on the field. But life on the field for Slade Carroll has not been so perfect.

In June 2012, the then freshman Carroll was attending summer workouts for football when he noticed something wasn't right. He was constantly going to the bathroom and remained thirsty.

"I felt nauseated," Carroll said. "My mom checked my blood sugar after workouts and it was over 500."

Carroll's levels were five times the normal rate.

After going to the hospital and having his blood checked by doctors, the worst was revealed to the Carrolls. Their youngest child had been diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.

"Finding out that your child has an incurable disease is devastating, it really is," Allison Carroll said.

Slade's diagnosis was permanent, but it wasn't going to stop the three-sport athlete from doing what he loved.

"He had a baseball tournament the day he came home from the hospital," Scott Carroll said. "Allison and I were so afraid his blood sugar would fall, but he played a doubleheader that day and did great."

Carroll has continued to do great. He was a part of the 2013 Lexington wrestling state champion team and helped the Wildcats to a first round win over Dorman in football last week.

"He's a kid of great character and great integrity," Lexington head football coach Josh Stepp said.

Carroll doesn't take no for an answer.

"Diabetes are bad, but they're not as bad as you think," Carroll said. "You can still be whatever you want to be."