Tiger Trivia: Clemson players get tested on Alabama state trivia

TAMPA, FL (WACH)- While Clemson has studied the Crimson Tide's offense and defense all week, we wanted to see how well the Tigers know the state of Alabama itself.

Before the Tigers left for Tampa, WACH FOX's Courtney King tested a few players on their knowledge of the state they are playing against in the 2017 National Championship.

She quizzed Tyrone Crowder & Jordan Leggett, Andy Teasdall & Greg Huegel, Kendall Joseph, and Hunter Renfrow with four multiple choice questions.

Linebacker Kendall Joseph took first place by answering three out of four correctly. Wide Receiver Hunter Renfrow struggled, getting only one right.

Watch the video to see which Tigers can name the state bird of Alabama, the official flower, the capital, and how far Memorial Stadium is from Bryant-Denny Stadium.

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