ACC official says Clowney hit was ejection-worthy

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WACH) - The head of Atlantic Coast Conference officiating says South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney should have been ejected for the Outback Bowl hit that made him an internet sensation.

On Monday at the ACC Football Kickoff, the head of ACC officials, Doug Rhoads, talked about 2013 college football rule changes that will focus on defensive players leading with the crown of their helmets and hitting above the shoulders.

When asked about Clowney's game-changing hit on Michigan running back Vincent Smith in January's Outback Bowl, Rhoads said it was his opinion that Clowney should have been thrown out of the game, and hits like that will lead to ejections this season.

Clowney's hit went viral on the internet minutes after the fumble-causing play, and just last week, earned an ESPY from ESPN for best play of the year.

The attention-grabbing hit has been praised by many analysts as a proper form tackle that was a clean hit. Smith was not injured on the play and popped right up after Clowney dropped him to the ground.

The rule changes are designed to increase player safety, but some have suggested what was once deemed an aggressive, but perfectly legal play, may now be open to far too much interpretation, leading to ejections and penalties.