Bryan brothers get tricky on the golf course

Former USC golfers and brothers George and Wesley Bryan have gone viral with their trick shot videos on YouTube.

COLUMBIA (WACH)- Two former Gamecocks are taking a new approach on the links.

Brothers George and Wesley Bryan created a YouTube page in March 2014 called "The Bryan Bros" where they posted a variety of videos doing trick shots with golf balls. In less than two months, views skyrocketed and the brothers found themselves on SportsCenter.

"We were definitely not expecting it," George said. "We knew we had cool stuff, but didn't think it would get this popular this quick."

Quick would be an understatement. The Bryan Bros have had over a 100,000 views on their videos combined, and their most recent video "Glow in the Dark" had over 15,000 views in just two weeks.

"People see it and probably think these guys can't play golf," Wesley said. "They can just hit a ball in the air. They must be baseball players."

It couldn't be further from the truth. The Bryan's shined in their golf careers with the Gamecocks and recently auditioned with Golf Channel's reality show "Big Break."

"With what we're doing, and the fact we're brothers and good at golf gives us a shot to make the show, I think," George said. "It would definitely open some doors for us."

Doors that have already been opened with a unique style on the links.