Columbia ranks near bottom of SEC cities

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - With the start of the football season less than 60 days away, a new list shows Gamecock country ranks near the back of the pack in the SEC.

A list released Tuesday by Movoto, ranks Columbia as the 12th best city in the SEC when it comes to sports fans. Only Lexington and Nashville rank behind Columbia.

Tuscaloosa, Starkville, Baton Rouge, Oxford and College Station make up the top five on the list.

The SEC-best list was compiled using criteria based on conference titles, national championships, sports radio, sports bars, tailgating, student population and rivalries, among others.

Columbia scored well for the number of sports bars, where fans could watch the Gamecocks with "like-minded folks" but did poorly in categories like sports radio, national titles and conference championships in the "big three" sports of football, basketball and baseball.

If you're curious, Clemson ranked as the third-best city in the ACC. Clemson trailed only Chapel Hill and College Park. That list was released last month.