Spurrier confident in Thompson, Orth named backup

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) -- Steve Spurrier wants everyone to know he isn't disappointed in his quarterbacks.

But, that isn't stopping him from moving them all over the depth chart. Following South Carolina's first official scrimmage of spring practice on Saturday, Spurrier named Perry Orth his likely backup quarterback at this point. This comes just two days after indicating Connor Mitch and Orth were the co-backups.

Last week, Spurrier said he would be putting out a rotating breakdown of the No. 2-4 positions on the depth chart on a weekly basis.

However, since before spring practice started, Spurrier has been comfortable with redshirt senior Dylan Thompson sliding into the starting spot left by South Carolina's career wins leader Connor Shaw. But he is less secure about Thompson's backups right now, saying they'll have to keep Dylan healthy.

"Iâ??m not disappointed in the quarterbacks. They're trying as hard as they can," said Spurrier. "The pass protection isn't all that super right now, but that's part of spring football and letting these young guys play that haven't played much. Hopefully someday they'll become a player, although we're not sure if they will, but we hope they will."

Thompson has performed well in spot duty over the past two seasons, although his effectiveness dropped off a bit in 2013 as compared to 2012. That's when the former backup earned himself a spot in the Gamecock history books by leading South Carolina to a 27-17 win at rival Clemson while filling in for an injured Shaw, and closed out that season by stepping in to the Outback Bowl to deliver a game-winning pass to receiver Bruce Ellington.

"Dylan knows what he's doing. He knows where everybody is," said Spurrier. "He has a good awareness of where all the players are and how much time he's got. That's what good quarterbacks have."