Spurrier plays trivia with the media; gives out cash

Steve Spurrier jokes with the media after asking trivia question Saturday during halftime of USC-Arkansas game.

COLUMBIA (WACH)- You never know what you're going to get from the Head Ball Coach, and Saturday was certainly one of those days. Steve Spurrier spoke with the media Saturday during halftime of the South Carolina-Arkansas basketball game, and decided to have a little fun.

With a grin on his face, Spurrier asked everyone the question. "How many teams from BCS conferences have won 11 or more games in the past two years? I've got a bonus for you if you can get them right."

Many of the media began to speculate, throwing out guesses including myself, when finally one reporter named off "South Carolina, Alabama, Oregon?"

Spurrier replied, "Anybody else wanna guess all that have done it? Huh?" One reporter chimes in, "Stanford?"

"You got 'em. There are four," Spurrier said with a smile. "For South Carolina to be in the same neighborhood with Alabama, Oregon and Stanford is sort of neat."

That bonus Spurrier referred to earlier when he pitched the question turned out to be two envelopes with $100 inside for the two reporters that guessed correctly.

"Next time y'all do some of that work," Spurrier laughed.