Spurrier: SEC coaches all for paying players

HOOVER, Ala. (WACH/AP) -- South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier thinks it's unanimous among his SEC brethren: Football and basketball players should get paid, and Notre Dame should join a conference for football.

Spurrier opened his quip-filled media days address by saying the 28 football and men's basketball coaches were in favor of paying players about $300 a game in football and perhaps a little less in hoops.

Spurrier calls it "expense money" and says it has nothing to do with paying players as if they are professionals.

He says only President Barack Obama could get him to back down from that push. Spurrier also says the coaches were each willing to pony up the $280,000 or so it would cost.

"This is tiny compared to the money that's coming in now," said Spurrier. "I think we all know that."

Spurrier estimates the stipends would equal roughly $3,600 a year per player and would help parents and family attend games.

The head ball coach also says the football coaches all thought Notre Dame "should join the ACC and play football like all the rest of us."