Will Bruce Ellington give up basketball? You decide

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Just hours after South Carolina's basketball season ended at the SEC Tournament, the Bruce Ellington watch is officially on.

After Wednesday's 70-59 loss to Mississippi State at the tournament, Ellington was already fielding questions about his future on the basketball court. It has almost become customary this time of year for the two-sport star to address his plans about playing both football and basketball.

"That's something that I will need to think about because you never know what can happen," Ellington told the South Carolina Radio Network following the game.

Ellington, who is currently on a football scholarship, has excelled in both sports, averaging 9.9 points per game for the basketball team this past season, and leading the Gamecocks on the football field with 40 catches for 600 yards and seven touchdowns.

Basketball coach Frank Martin has applauded Ellington's commitment to and performance in both sports and speaks highly of his leadership ability on and off the court.

Earlier this week, Martin said he would encourage Ellington to continue pursuing both sports and suggested his point guard enjoyed giving vague answers to the media about his two-sport future.

"He's been hinting that for three straight years. Last time I checked he's played both every year. I think Bruce likes to have some fun with you guys (the media)," said Martin. "Bruce is a competitor. He's a special kid in both sports."

Ellington also has high praise for Martin's guidance.

"I talk to Coach Martin all the time," said Ellington. "I go to his office all the time and have a conversation with him besides basketball. Coach Martin is a great coach. The thing I love about him is he teaches you to be a man, not just a great basketball player."

As for his future in both sports, Ellington isn't giving any definite answers. But, don't be surprised if he shows up on the football field next week when the Gamecocks resume spring practice.

"I'm just going to prepare like I did for this year," said Ellington. "I'm just going to go train for football and then when basketball comes I'm going to train for basketball. If the Lord blesses me, whichever one I'm going to go do, he's going to bless me with. I'm going to talk to him and whichever one he decides for me to do, that's what I'm going to do."