A new face with SkyWACH Weather

Meteorologist Lauren Olesky will have your SkyWACH Weather Forecast on Good Day Columbia starting May 19th.

Beginning Monday, May 19th, you`ll see a new face bringing you weather on Good Day Columbia!

Meteorologist Lauren Olesky will take over the morning weather duties as our Garrett Bedenbaugh starts a new adventure in Jacksonville, FL with Action News Jacksonville, the CBS/FOX duopoly.

Lauren comes to us from WRUF-TV in Gainesville, FL. She is also a graduate of the University of Florida.

Hiring Lauren has also been a reminder of how small this crazy business of TV can be. Two of her mentors are two people I have a great deal of respect for, and taught me a lot starting out.

Randy Wright, Executive Director of Multimedia Properties at the University of Florida, was my first general manager. Randy took a chance on a 22 year old college student while he was running the ABC affiliate in Columbia, MO. I owe a lot to Randy for giving me that first opportunity to do what I loveâ?¦TV weather!

Jeff Huffman, Chief Meteorologist of the University of Florida, was the morning meteorologist at the ABC affiliate in Columbia, MO. Jeff is a genius when it comes to designing weather graphics. So many things that I do, or try to create are based off of graphics that I watched Jeff create. He knows how to make a weather system shine!

Knowing that Lauren was taught by two people who did the same for me is a neat feeling.

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