Flying in turbulence is the only way to fly

While you cannot tell by a picture, we where rocking and rolling during our approach to Charlotte thanks to turbulence.

Working in weather I love all kinds of weather. That includes the crazy weather associated with aviation known as turbulence!

I am the person that feels a smooth flight is a boring flight, and a turbulent flight is a great flight!

When returning from visiting my family in Memphis, TN on Wednesday my approach into Charlotte-Douglas International Airport was rocking and rolling all over the place.

Given that a powerful confront had just moved through the area I expected to have turbulence as we flew closer to the Charlotte area. Not many passengers are going to think about all these things when flying which creates an understanding of what the flight will be like, and I get that.

I do have a superstition I do everytime I fly which is I touch the logo next to the boarding door of the airplane as I walk in for good luck. I have done that my entire life, and last night when talking with my sister realized she is the one that started that and I copied her in doing it.