My first tornado

Thanks to Willie Gilmore for posting this picture to Facebook of the first tornado we witnessed while students at the University of Missouri and storm chasing with the Mizzou Storm Chase Team.

April 22, 2004 in Oklahoma with the Mizzou Storm Chase Teamâ?¦this was the day I witnessed my first tornado on a storm chase!

I can`t believe that 10 years have passed since this day. Thinking back to that day with fellow Missouri meteorology students, Caleb Schulte, Dan Hinch, Chris Schultz, Emily Sutton, Marc Dahmer, and Willie Gilmore truly makes me smile!

It wasn`t until Willie Gilmore (now a National Weather Service Meteorologist in Little Rock, AR) posted a picture of the tornado that it hit me it is the tenth anniversary of this awesome day!

When I think back to that day, and think about present day I feel truly honored to have chased alongside the people listed above. Everyone has gone on to become successful individuals.