Food Friday: The War Mouth cooking up everything from crispy quail legs to mustard venison

The War Mouth

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- It's food South Carolinians have come to know and love, and you can find it at The War Mouth.

Britt Conway hung out at the 1209 Franklin Street spot for this week's Food Friday brought to you by US Food's CHEF'STORE.

Chef Rhett Elliott says folks tell him it feels like a clubhouse, and they have a point. Where else can you play the "KISS on Tour" board game?! This clubhouse has great food and a full bar, though!

The guys who started The War Mouth have years in the restaurant industry, and decided they wanted to cook the food they loved when they were growing up.

Rhett showed Britt how they make their crispy quail legs, a salad chock-full of local greens, mustard venison, and a tasty shrimp and rice dish.

Fried Quail Legs 02:29

Manchester Farm quail, coated in buttermilk, fried crispy, with a kick of cayenne pepper

Tatsoi Salad 05:06

Tatsoi greens with house bacon, roasted carrots, red onions, and green garlic, buttermilk dressing

Mustard Fried Venison 07:46

Venison tossed in tangy mustard, fried, and served with an herb salad and pickled quail eggs

White Shrimp Purloo 10:31

Shrimp, spring vegetables, and country ham served over Carolina gold rice