Food Friday: Firenza Pizza in Lexington serving up pizza like never before!


Are you a pizza lover? Then WACH FOX knows of just the place for you...

Firenza Pizza in Lexington off Sunset Boulevard is serving up some of the crispiest crunchiest pizza that you will ever have.

It's a fast casual restaurant chain that has only been in existence for three years, but has since grown to about 20 different locations across the country.

The President/COO says that the company has plans to continue growing in an effort to get their pizza to as many people as possible.

"Fast casual is the fastest growing restaurant segment in the country right now and Americans just love pizza," explains Dave Baer.

WACH FOX tries their Chipotle Chicken, the Corleone, Create-Your-Own-Masterpie or "Build Your Own,"and Classic Cheese Pizza Pies.

But pizza is not the only thing that Firenza specializes in.

Their menu is full of salads, signature sides, desserts, buffalo wings cooked in an oven never fried along with your choice of beers and wines to top off your meal.

You may have heard about their special over-the-top Valentine's Day pizza that they served on the "Day of Love."

"We worked with some talented chefs and came up with a nice lobster base for the pizza and then we had a bunch of cheeses on it. We would sear off a nice Wagyu Filet in the oven. Display that on the pizza. Put some Lobster Tail on the top of that. We finished that with some Caviar and some Gold Leaf. It was a beautiful fantastic pizza!"

As amazing and out of this world as that pizza sounds it sure didn't come cheaply with the price tag of $500 per pie.

"I have been looking for a place to call my 'Pizza Home' since moving to the Midlands and Firenza Pizza in Lexington is definitely it. I'm especially a fan of their Create-Your-Own-Masterpie or 'Build Your Own' because you're options are endless as to what you can put on your pizza. I chose to go simple with just some Mushrooms, fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Meatballs and both regular and Buffalo-style Chicken. It was exactly what I had been craving and the fact that they even let me make it myself was awesome!" says our Morning Traffic & Lifestyle Reporter Natalie Parsons.

For more information about Firenza Pizza and the items their serving up please be sure to visit their website.

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