Food Friday: Get all your organic, vegan dishes at The Good Life Cafe

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- The Good Life Café has been serving up fresh and organic vegan food along with fresh juices and smoothies in the Downtown Columbia area for over 23-years.

For this week’s “Food Friday” brought to you by the US Food’s CHEF’STORE, our Natalie Parsons visited the café to see how they prepare their “all natural, wholesome and nutritious raw vegan meals.”

The popular dishes that we prepared included Tacos, Blue Magic Smoothie Bowl, Black Bean Nacho Burger and Chocolate Mousse.

Co-owner Sharon Wright says she has seen just how much the food we eat can play a role in a person’s health especially when it came to a terminally ill family member.

She officially decided to make the lifestyle change after researching the vegan diet’s health benefits and since has never for a second looked back.

For more information about The Good Life Café in Downtown Columbia, be sure to check out their website and Facebook page.