Food Friday: Mary's Arepas serving up some delicious Latin cuisine

Mary's Arepa

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) – This week’s Food Friday brought to you by US Food’s CHEF’STORE took our Britt Conway to Cayce and Mary’s Arepas Latin Food.

Conway met up with co-owner Mary Romero at the 904 Knox Abbott Drive location to find out more about the restaurant and some of the unique dishes they prepare each day.

Some of those dishes included the Deditos, Beef Empanada Fried dough stuffed with beef, potatoes and vegies and the Chicken Arepa.

Deditos 3:18

Fried cheese sticks

Beef Empanada 6:09

Fried dough stuffed with beef, potato and veggies

Chicken Arepa 8:03

Sweet-plantain, egg, avocado served with two arepas, cooked chicken and mozzarella cheese stuffed in a corn pocket.

Montanera Arepa 10:44

Crispy pork, chorizo, red beans, grilled beef, sweet plantain, egg and avocado served with two arepas.