Food Friday: The Food Academy helps you learn to cook like a pro!


Have you ever wanted to be a professional chef?

Now you can take a try at it over at The Food Academy in Columbia, S.C. especially if you're looking for a good belated Valentine's Day celebration with your loved one.

The academy offers a variety of services including cooking classes, a weekly buffet, restaurant, venue for special events.

On this "Food Friday," our Morning Traffic & Lifestyle Reporter Natalie Parsons stops by the academy to try their Bruschetta, Creme Brulee, Apricot Salmon over sauteed Asparagus and Rice.

Owners Jessica and Isaiah Carswell show WACH FOX that you can cook fancy dishes right in the comfort of your own home and that couples cooking together is the best way to cook.

For more information about The Food Academy be sure to visit their Facebook page and website.

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