SLED charges Columbia man for selling gun permits

A CWP instructor is facing charges of Perjury after a SLED investigation

COLUMBIA (WACH) A concealed weapons permit instructor has been charged with perjury, after a SLED investigation showed he was selling the permits without providing the training.

According to SLED Spokesman Thom Berry, 30 year-old Andrew A. Gajadhar has been charged with 29 counts of perjury, after the investigation reviled that Gajadhar was selling completed training certificates, which would then be sent to SLED as part of a Concealed Weapons Permit Application.

The arrest warrant, obtained by WACH Fox, states that Gajadhar â??did knowingly, willfully, and intentionally sign, sell or otherwise provide a CWPâ?¦without providing the trainingâ?¦â??

SLED has issued notifications to over 350 people in 27 counties that Gajadhar has issued permits to, telling them that their permits had been revoked.

The letter, also obtained by WACH Fox, states â??If you choose, you may complete your training by a SLED-certified CWP instructor and have your CWP reinstated.â??

Gajadhar faces 29 counts of Perjury, and if convicted, each carry a fine of not less than $100, 6 months in jail, or both.

Gajadhar was booked at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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