October Jefferson Award winner: Ida Britton


SUMTER (WACH)- WACH FOX is dedicated to celebrating the people who make our community a better place to live. We are a proud partner of the Jefferson Awards, a national effort to highlight the service work happening communities around the country.

For the month of October, WACH FOX is recognizing Ida Britton for her commitment to teaching children to read.

Ida Britton is not your everyday volunteer, "I have never been in education, I have a high school diploma, but I read whatever I can get my hands on."

For the past three years she's dedicated most of her day to children at R.E. Davis Elementary School in Sumter County.

I got this habit of everytime I go where a child is reading, said Britton, "I count how many words they mispronounce and so that's what got me really interested in becoming a tutor."

Britton volunteers as a tutor through AmeriCorps, teaching young people the fundamentals of reading.

She recalls one student's success story that she'll never forget, "she was homeschooled and she didn't know how to read full sentences she didn't know how to pronounce words so I took her under my wings, I took her from a 49 to a 213 reading average, and that made me feel so good."

Everyday, Britton walks the halls of the very school she attended as a child and says nothing could keep her away.

Not even finding out she was very ill and had to be hospitallized, "just as soon as I got out of there just as soon as he let me out of the door I was back on AmeriCorps job doing what I needed to do. I couldn't walk as fast as I used to but I still was able to pull the children out so they wouldn't get too far behind and we still had a successful year, even though I wasn't feeling well we still had a successful year."

Success Britton will continue to strive for as long as there are books to read and children to inspire.

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