Throwback Thursday: "The Macarena" first reaches No. 1 on pop charts

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The song that remained on the Billboard Hot 100 for longer than any other song first hit the top of that chart on August 3, 1996, according to the History Channel.

The Spanish group Los Del Rio first recorded the Spanish-language rumba, but it was Miami producers Carlos De Yarza and Mike Triay who popularized the song among American audiences.

"The Macarena" had already become popular in Latin America, but when one American DJ wanted to spread that popularity to the United States, he was met with opposition.

Employees at Miami's Power 96-FM radio station told Jammin’ John Caride that the station prohibited the broadcast of Spanish-only songs.

De Yarza and Triay's Bayside Boys Remix of the song changed the tune and added English lyrics, allowing "The Macarena" to be played on American stations.

Once Power 96-FM played "The Macarena" for the first time, the trip to No. 1 only took 30 weeks.

"The Macarena" remained on the Billboard Hot 100 for 60 weeks.

Check out this video of an officer doing the Macarena during National Night Out.

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