ThrowbackThursday: What do you call residents of Orangeburg?

Source: Britannica. 

COLUMBIA, SC. (WACH)-- If you're from Columbia then you're referred to as a Columbian and if you're from Charleston you're a Charlestonian. So what do you call residents who are from Orangeburg? We asked on our Facebook page and we've received hundreds of votes!

The options were Orangeburgers, Orangeburgites, Orangeburgians, Oraneburgtonians and 48 percent of you guessed correctly!

Residents of Orangeburg are called Orangeburgers and here's a history lesson.

According to the Historical Society of Orangeburg, like Pittsburgh, Orangeburg was originally spelled with an "H" at the end (Orangeburgh) however overtime residents dropped the H.

Just like Pittsburghers, residents of Orangeburg are called Orangeburgers, though the term is hardly ever used.

Orangeburg, or The Garden City, is a city within Orangeburg County that holds a population of nearly 14,000 residents.

They are home to two of South Carolina's historically black colleges and universities, South Carolina State University and Claflin University.

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