Tip Tuesday: How to minimize procrastination


Procrastination is any easy trap. You tell yourself you'll begin a project after one more episode or ten more minutes scrolling through social media, but then you tell yourself that again and again. It can also feel like an endless cycle. Finishing one project at the last minute leaves you with less time to get ahead on others. However, with a few simple steps from Forbes and The New York Times, you can end the habit of procrastination.

  • Simplify the work you have to do: If an assignment seems too overwhelming, try breaking it up into smaller pieces. Focus on completing each of these, and come up with a way to celebrate when you accomplish each of these.
  • Use deadlines to your advantage: If there isn't a deadline for your goal or task, create one. Deadlines add motivation and a sense of urgency.
  • Make use of your fear: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the fear of failing, motivate yourself by thinking of how you will feel if you do not try.
  • Tell other people about what you have to get done: Ask these people to nag you about working towards your goal.
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