Miss South Carolina queens and teens hopeful for crown

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    Dozens of ladies continue practicing their hardest with the hopes of being crowned Miss South Carolina and Miss South Carolina Teen 2017.

    Two lucky ladies have already walked away with awards from the preliminary rounds and explain why their nerves are not yet put to ease.

    The Miss South Carolina and Miss South Carolina Teen pageants may not be until the end of the week, but the ladies are hard at work keeping their eye on the prize as they practice and compete in the preliminary rounds.

    Deegan Hudson has already walked away with the Miss South Carolina Teen Talent Award.

    "I'm a ventriloquist and if you don't know it's when you make the little puppets talk. I have a precious little elephant. He shoots smoke out of his little nose and he sprays water," she says.

    Julia Herrin also walked away with the Evening Gown and Onstage Question Award in round one of the preliminaries.

    "You can never really prepare for the moment when they call your name. I just remember crying because I had worked so hard for that moment," she explains.

    Different groups compete in different categories over the course of the three nights of preliminaries.

    After practicing for hours during the day, these teen queens take some time out to enjoy lunch with the public at McDonald's off Clemson Road.

    In order to stay in shape for Wednesday's fitness category, Hudson says she does not eat past 8 p.m. and she had to tame her diet in addition to going to the gym.

    "I really cleaned up my diet. I cut out breads and pasta and junk food. I love my sweets and I had to cut out my sweets."

    And even if you walked away with a preliminary award, Herrin says that your work is never truly done because no one's spot at the end of the competition is guaranteed...It's a tight competition.

    "We're all so unique and we all have passion and we all have heart," says Herrin.

    It's crunch time for these Miss South Carolina teens and one of them will be taking home the crown on Friday.

    May the best queen win!

    Miss South Carolina 2017 will be crowned on Saturday night.

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