OnPoint on WACH Fox: GOP civil war over President Donald Trump

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - This week on OnPoint on WACH FOX we look at what some are calling a "civil war" within the Republican Party, as key GOP leaders square off with President Donald Trump.

President Trump visited the Capitol last week soon after trading insults with Sen. Bob Corker, a key GOP senator, and at a time when the GOP is desperate for a united front on tax reform. Just hours after exchanging Twitter jabs with Corker, President Trump joined Senate Republicans for a successful strategy meeting on tax reform.

Soon after the meeting ended, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake made a stunning announcement that he would not run for re-election citing the divisive and toxic leadership of the President as one of the reasons.

Corker and Flake join other prominent Republicans like former president George W. Bush and Arizona Senator John McCain who have offered scathing criticisms of Mr. Trump.

This week we talk to political strategists about why some in the GOP believe Trump is ripping the Republican Party apart, and what the impact could be on the country as a whole.

We'll also talk to local Boy Scout officials about a move to include girls in their programs, plus, a musical performance by a Midlands church leader that will be part of the anticipated debut of the production "The Devil on Trial."

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