OnPoint on WACH Fox: Gun control debate in SC

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - On this week's edition of OnPoint on WACH Fox we look at the gun control debate in South Carolina.

Last week, teenagers across the country and around the Midlands walked out of school to call on lawmakers to pass stricter gun control legislation. Their advocacy is credited with pressuring lawmakers to turn their inaction into action.

In South Carolina, a bill aimed at toughening background checks for gun purchases cleared a subcommittee in the General Assembly this week.

The proposal would also speed up the reporting process for clerks of court to report to the State Law Enforcement Division the outcome of court cases that could result in barring a would-be owner from having a gun. It would also expand to ?ve days the period that someone looking to buy a gun must wait for a background check to be completed. It would give authorities more time to determine whether a would-be buyer can legally purchase a gun.

Under current law, if a background check is still pending after three days is up, the gun sale can be completed.

A panel of senators agreed to send the bill to the full Senate Judiciary Committee where several amendments are expected.

We'll also let you know about a stage play entitled, "Don't Call Me Brother", that is being presented by Wow Productions in Columbia. The production takes on a number of critical social issues facing communities by presenting them from several different perspectives.

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