OnPoint on WACH Fox: Importance of June 12 primary

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - This week on OnPoint on WACH Fox we take a look at the importance of the June 12 primary in South Carolina.

Voters will have the opportunity to go to the polls on that day to cast their ballots in local, county, and statewide races. However, voter turnout for primary elections is traditionally quite low.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are working to make sure people know who is running and how the elections will impact people’s lives.

In many cases, candidates are running unopposed. Other races will be decided exclusively in the primary because they won’t have any challengers to face in the November election.

In addition, we’re seeing longtime incumbents being challenged by a new crew of women and millennials.

We'll be looking at who’s running and how the results will impact your daily lives.

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