OnPoint on WACH Fox: Progress of the Richland County penny tax

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - On this week's installment of OnPoint on WACH Fox, we look at the progress of the Richland County penny tax program.

The tax program has endured a bit of a bumpy road since day one. When voters narrowly passed a measure to create the program, it had vocal opposition and, at times, still does.

The penny tax is set to collect more than $1 billion over a 20-year period to pay for a host of road and transportation-related projects.

Roughly ?ve years in to the program, the Department of Revenue raised questions about how some of the money is being spent, but, supporters say the money is being spent properly.

As proof of its success, the management company driving the penny tax program points to a variety of projects like the ?rst phase of the widening of Bluff Road, the Summit Ridge/Summit Parkway intersection, the Lincoln Tunnel Greenway, resurfacing streets, and paving many dirt roads.

Also, the COMET has added new and expanded routes with real-time bus locators, free WiFi and apps to attract more riders. Many of the projects are, in fact, ahead of schedule and on budget.

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