Jack Ostergaard named August Teen to WACH

Jack Ostergaard

WACH FOX is proud to highlight student’s that are excelling inside and outside of the classroom.

For the month of August we introduce Jack Ostergaard as the Safe Federal Credit Union Teen to WACH.

Ostergaard is a junior at Irmo High School, who believes in putting his community first.

Jeff Corley, the assistant principal at Irmo High School, says Ostergaard represents the school's motto.

"Jack is one of those folks that exemplifies the three r's that Irmo high school has developed. It's our pillars. Being respectful. Being responsible. Being reputable. I think he's a great example of all three of those. A perfect match for this kid that's doing everything he can to help our community.

Ostergaard is a boy scout life scout, a member of key club, JROTC, beta club, Irmo ambassadors, theater, on the tennis and swimming team, and is number five in his class.

He says his success is due to his large support system.

"People say you're on the backs of giants. And that's definitely the case for me. I have my teachers, parents, brother, and sister, these different organizations boy scouts, I’m in troop 312. The administrators here are great and teachers they all motivate me to keep doing well."

Donna Carroll, Irmo High School's social worker, says Ostergaard is a role model for all students.

"He's just such a kind person. And that is so important today. He's a leader. He has lots of friends. I think people look up to him. And he focuses on school and his sports. And so he is just such a good role model for all the students here."

Ostergaard has this advice for students who are aspiring to do what he has done for his community.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Whether it be to fellow students, teachers, or administrators. And just go ask them what there is to do. You can look at the website, there's all the clubs there. And definitely try to get involved with a sport or two. Because that definitely helps you grow and the camaraderie with that that comes along is really good.

Ostergaard doesn't know what he will end up doing after high school, but he does know that serving the community and leading by example are key.

If you have a student you would like to nominate for next month's teen to WACH, click here.

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