Jalin Hyatt named September Teen to WACH

Jaylin Hyatt Twitter @JaylinHyatt

WACH FOX is proud to highlight student’s that are excelling inside and outside of the classroom.

For the month of September we introduce Jalin Hyatt as the Safe Federal Credit Union Teen to WACH.

Hyatt is a stand out junior at Dutch Fork High School, who believes in working every day to the fullest.

Floyd White, an assistant principal at Dutch Fork High School, says Hyatt is the perfect example of a student-athlete.

Not only is he a super star athlete. He's a superstar in the classroom as well. But with that super stardom comes his humility. He is quite humble.

Hyatt is a dedicated student, three-sport athlete, a member of the pep and unity club, and he gives back to his community.

I try to push as hard as I can every day so that I can be the best I can be.

He strives to be the best in the classroom, field, and beyond.

I want to break records here. I want to break football records. Basketball records. You know. Legacy wise.....A lot of people are going to say the one hand catch all of this. But I want to leave as a great student. A great student athlete.

White says Hyatt's accomplishments will take him far, but his character will take him further.

He's going to break a lot of records. He's going to be exceptional. At the core of it he really is just such a great human being. And I can honestly say if I had 10 percent of his character we would all be in a better place.

Hyatt plans to study accounting once he graduates high school.

If you have a teen you would like to nominate for next month's Teen to WACH, click here.

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