Khai Troung named November Teen to WACH

Khai Troung named November Teen to WACH - Source: Screengrab/WACH

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Teens to WACH is brought to you by Safe Federal Credit Union. WACH FOX is proud to highlight students who are excelling inside and outside the classroom. This month’s Safe Federal Credit Union Teens to WACH is Khai Troung.

16-year- old Khai Troung is a junior at Brookland-Cayce High School in Columbia. He loves art, video games, and computers. Troung films football games for the team and works in the school’s press box. As one of the first in his family born in the US, he said that pushed him to concentrate when it comes to learning. “Usually I am like playing games on my laptop but also hanging around friends,” Troung said. “I am very persistent I study extra hours on things, I'll just like watch some videos of random facts and that will help out in school.”

Patrick Grivetti is Troung’s homeroom teacher who nominated him. He said Troung is making a difference. “He’s a great student who is an extremely intelligent kid, he challenges himself by taking lots of hard classes,” Grivetti said. “He helps out around school, he's involved in a lot of different things and he is just a great kid to be around.”

Over the last few years, Troung has received a number of awards including Best 2-D Artist and Best 3-D Sculpting. He received recognition from the South Carolina State Fair for an origami which he said took 6 months to create. Troung was also a candidate for the Governor’s School in Math and Science.

Right now he's a member of the track team and Latin club. He's also a volunteer elementary school tutor. “It’s really a testament to Khai and how mature he is at such a young age,” Grivetti said. “He's able to balance all of these activities and still succeed in the classroom.”

"People have high expectations for me and that's just how it led up,” Troung said. “So I worked really hard to live up to those expectations and it’s just coming down to persistence, if you work for a cause then you will get it eventually.”

If you have a student that you would like to nominate as next months' Teens to WACH please click here and submit your nominations.

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