Rachel Burns named teen to WACH

Rachel Burns May Teen To WACH

Rachel Burns is this month's teen to WACH.

Burns is a junior at Swansea High School who strives to make a difference in her school and her community every day.

Chad Meredith, Burns' teacher and soccer coach says she leads by example.

I think she has a good moral compass. I think she let's that kind of direct her decisions every day. Not only is she a good student she's a good person. And that carries over into everything she does and why she's so successful as a student here at Swansea High School.

Burns is the president of Jobs For America's Graduates Club, a member of the Beta Club, an all-state varsity soccer player, and valedictorian of her class.

She says it's stressful, but worth it.

It's a little bit stressful at times but you have to just take a deep breath and manage your priorities. What needs to be done tomorrow. What can wait until next week....It's kind of a work now play later scenario that I have to balance everything in. It's challenging at times but overall very rewarding.

Burns has this advice for her peers preparing to embark on their high school journeys.

Try to be apart of as many things as possible. Expand your friend group. Meet new people. Get out there. I mean it's high school and after you leave a lot of times you're not going to see a lot of these people anymore. So you mines as well try to get to know them while you still have the opportunity. And as far as school work goes, Just work now, play later. Trust me it will pay off.

She plans to study mathematics once she graduates high school.

To hear the rest of Rachel's story, click on the video above.

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