Lexington One responds to rumors that seniors cannot wear cords at graduation


LEXINGTON, S.C. (WACH)— During the four-year matriculation of high school many people are excited to show off their academic achievements by wearing stoles, cords, medallions and other paraphernalia. But that was a bit of an issue for students in one Lexington School District.

A Midlands mother shared her concerns on Facebook after her daughter received a note asking her not to wear her academic cord during her graduation ceremony.

Her daughter was a red cord recipient at Lexington High School. She received the honor after completing the Family and Consumer Science Career Cluster as a part of the Human Services Cluster offered at the school.

At the end of the note there was a message warning students not to wear the cord during the ceremony and to keep it for graduation pictures and celebrations, or else it would be confiscated.

The post received more than 200 shares and a number of comments which prompted the district to provide a response.

Lexington School District One responded to the claims in less than 24 hours saying that the message floating around was a rumor.

According to the districts website under the “fact-checker” section, school officials along with the superintendent’s Student Advisory panel (made up of seniors and juniors) participate in a district review of graduation preparations.

When the topic of school traditions were discussed, the panel agreed to continue the tradition to allow academic traditions such as honor cords and seals on diplomas.

“This year, the Superintendent’s Student Advisory panel, made up of seniors and juniors from all five of the district’s high schools and the technology center, also participated in this process. They asked about Girls and Boys State, Girl Scouts of America and the National Technical Honor Society, just to name a few.

However, in the end, our schools chose to continue the same traditions (which include a variety of stoles, cords, medallions and seals on their diplomas) this year that recognize their academic accomplishments at this year’s graduations.”

According to the site other traditions include:

• Students who complete a “major” receive a cord to wear around their neck and over their gown.

• Students who enlisted and will go directly into a branch of the military receive a military cord from the South Carolina Department of Education.

• Centers for Advanced Study completers wear a white stole with the center’s logo on it.

• Graduates of the district’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme receive a stole.

• The district’s high schools recognize honor graduates in a variety of ways. Some give medallions. Some give honor graduate stoles.

• Graduates of the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics and South Carolina college partners’ Accelerate program wear a medallion.

• The district’s high schools recognize National Honor Society and/or Beta Club members with seals on diplomas, stoles, etc.

For more facts about what's happening in Lexington District One, click here.

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