USC creative community rethinks use of vintage bus to benefit entire campus


COLUMBIA, S.C. (W.A.C.H.)--The Gamecock Design Challenge creative challenged wrapped up Thursday where 90 USC students, faculty and staff were tasked with re-imagining the use of a vintage bus to benefit the entire campus.

It's the first of its kind where every college on campus competed against each other in teams.

The winning proposal is to turn the bus, previously used the U.S. Coast Guard, into a virtual reality, immersive learning tool.

The team will have $72,000 worth of start-up money to transform the bus. Part of that money was donated by the judges.

"It had to be this bus. It had to be mobile. It had to be something we could accomplish in one year. In a way this is about a bus, but really the core is 'what happens when we bring different kinds of creative geniuses together," says Gamecock Design Challenge Director David Cutler.

The group plans to spend the next year transforming the bus.

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