Here's what you need to know about voting in the primary election Tuesday


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- When you vote in Tuesday's primary there are a few things you should know. The candidates and offices on a ballot will differ depending on your district. Voters can only vote for candidates in one party in Tuesday's election.

If there is a runoff election in two weeks, you will also have to stick with the same party you choose on Tuesday. Absentee voter Bucky Bruce cast his vote on Friday. He said voting for candidates by single party keeps elections balanced. "I don’t think that people who vote in the democratic primary should have to be concerned with whether republicans are going to come in and vote," Bruce said.

Other voters like James Muldrow worry there isn't enough balance. “I think we should be working for the benefit of South Carolinians,” Muldrow said. “This crazy stuff as Democratic and Republican is a bunch of hogwash."

Chris Whitmire is with the South Carolina State Election Commission. He said the last three statewide primaries have drawn an average of roughly 16 percent of registered voters. "We want turnouts to be big, we want people to participate in elections," Whitmire said. “There hasn’t been a primary for governor though since 2010, the 2010 turnout was 27 percent so a little better."

Whether you're voting early or on election day one thing you should be sure to bring is your picture ID. One thing you won't see on your ballot this year is a candidate for lieutenant governor. This is the first time the candidates for governor will choose a running mate for that office. You can find more information about where and how to vote below:


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