23 puppies found in ditch near Pelion

Two of the puppies that were found in a ditch. (Courtesy: PETSINC FACEOOK PAGE)

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WACH)-- Twenty three puppies were abandoned in Lexington County ditch this week, but are now in safe hands.

PETS Inc says the puppies, believed to be around three weeks old, were found Monday in 90 degree heat near Pelion.

The animal rescue group placed the animals with several foster families and is asking for the public's assistance donating funds to help pay for the puppies vaccinations.

Other items that are still needed are: dry puppy food, puppy potty pads, canned wet puppy food, esbilac food replacement.

At this time deputies continue to search for the person who left the puppies as well as the mother of the dogs so that the pups can benefit from her milk. If you live near the Water Tank Road area and spot any more puppies or their mother you are asked to call the shelter at 803-739-9333.

If you could like to donate you can do so through the company's AmazonSmile wishlist and search for "Sarah Smile Pup Wish List"

You can also call the shelter to donate funds or by clicking here.

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