Dutch Fork Middle School students and Columbia Fireflies take action against bullying

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We've been following some Dutch Fork Middle School students over the past few weeks as they work alongside the Columbia Fireflies to tackle bullying.

They have been working to brainstorm, write and rehearse skits bringing awareness to the issue and duo hopes their skits can make a difference.

These eighth grade students at Dutch Form Middle School are checking their scripts and they're checking them twice making sure they know their lines.

For more than a month, they've been working on a series of anti-bullying skits.

One group choosing to do a skit on a basketball court where students get bullied and a fight breaks out.

"Instigators were a part of it and we also had some people who were intervening in the fight and people who went to go get a teacher," explains 8th grader Tatum Davis.

Another skit involves two Fireflies playing students who are bullied at school.

One of them just happens to be Tim Tebow who had his books knocked out of his hands.

"If it was going to be anyone being bullied we'd rather have it be us than any of the kids. It was really fun to just talk about standing up for other people getting bullied, how you can help and how anyone can make a difference," says Tim Tebow.

Teacher Lori Wenzinger is helping bring awareness to this issue.

Her ACTION for Unity team has explored different scenarios where bullying can happen and the skits they put together work to find solutions.

"Civic education is so important and so this is a chance where kids learn how to be good citizens. They learn how to have a voice in democracy. They learn how to speak up for others," says Wenzinger.

These students hope the skits can make a difference at their school and in the community giving victims of bullying a new found voice.

"They think that like this is the only way that they can have it and they don't know how to stand up to it. We're just trying to help with that and help them stand up to that," adds Davis.

Making a difference and sticking up for the smaller person.

Lori Wenzinger and other Dutch Fork Middle School staff will judge the skits and they will pick one winning skit to be shown on the big board at the Columbia Fireflies game on May 30.

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